Cattle are a significant part of both our day-to-day and emergency work at the practice. There have been significant pressures in the beef and dairy industry recently particularly with respect to antibiotic usage and preventative health care. Knowing the disease status and risk in your herd is vital to the success of productivity and animal health.

Farm Visits

  • All obstetrical procedures undertaken – difficult calvings, foetotomies, caesarean sections.
  • Routine fertility visits and reproduction¬†– PD’s, non-cycling cows, problem breeders, synchronisation of breeding¬†and associated treatments.
  • Blood Sampling – both diagnosing and monitoring disease status.
  • Surgical Procedures – displaced abomasums, open castrations, dehorning etc
  • Herd Health Planning and Preventative Measures.
  • Competitive medicine and vaccination prices.
  • Routine and private T.B Testing.
  • Young Stock Management Advice – including pelvic measurements in pre-breeding heifers, pneumonia advice, scour management.
  • Bull Management – inc Bull Breeding fertility testing.
  • Post mortem examinations and diagnostic sampling.