Cattle are a significant part of both our day-to-day and emergency work at the practice. There have been significant pressures in the beef and dairy industry recently particularly with respect to antibiotic usage and preventative health care. Knowing the disease status and risk in your herd is vital to the success of productivity and animal health.

Farm Visits

Sheep Scab Blood Test

A new blood test is available which detects the presence of animals’ antibodies to Sheep Scab. These antibodies are picked up before sheep start to show any clinical signs of itching or wool-loss. An ideal test to use when buying in replacements or to monitor treatment and for early detection of disease before it becomes a major problem. Costs around £8.75 per sample (plus VAT) and it is recommended that a representative number of samples are taken e.g. 6 in a flock of 200. Please enquire for further information.




Bishops Castle Vets pride themselves in providing an extensive and current farm animal service. We serve a large number of cattle and sheep farmers, as well as smallholders, and aim to provide an excellent service at all times.

We understand that nutrition, fertility, youngstock health, preventative parasite treatment, housing, adult health and condition, disease monitoring and vaccination are all integral and fundamental aspects of a farm’s success. We like to treat all of our farms as individuals and tailor our services appropriately to ensure that productivity and health are optimal.